Moldovans Might Travel to the EU with IDs Only From 2025

Moldovan citizens might be waving goodbye to passport applications and hello to simpler travel to the European Union. The Moldovan Public Services Agency (ASP) recently announced plans to issue new, improved ID cards that could allow holders to enter the EU solely with their ID, starting in 2025.

New ID Cards to Meet EU Standards

Mircea Eșanu, the Director of ASP, revealed that the current ID card version will be replaced with a card that adheres fully to EU regulations. This upgraded document, planned to be rolled out by March 2025, would eliminate the need for a separate passport for EU travel, potentially streamlining the process for Moldovans.

Advantages and Expected Smooth Rollout

Eșanu emphasised the convenience of the new ID cards, stating, "With time, they will be sufficient to travel, including in the European Union." This would be a significant improvement for Moldovans, who currently need biometric passports for EU entry.

Moldova 1 reports that the new cards will also incorporate an "information carrier," although details about its function haven't been disclosed. Some Moldovans already possess the updated ID version, issued in 2015.

The entire process of issuing the new IDs is expected to run smoothly, as Moldova already delivers documents directly to applicants' homes and even outside the country.

Agreement with the EU Still Needed:

It's important to note that while the new IDs aim to facilitate EU travel, an agreement with the EU is still necessary for them to be accepted as sole entry documents. Negotiations and approvals are crucial before the cards can be used for visa-free EU entry.

Current Entry Requirements for Moldovans

Moldovans have enjoyed visa-free travel to the EU (excluding Ireland) since 2014. Current requirements still involve possessing a biometric passport valid for at least three months beyond their intended stay. Travellers must demonstrate their travel purpose and possess sufficient financial resources to cover their stay. The visa-free agreement allows them to stay for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days. Those seeking longer stays need to apply for a long-term visa.

The potential for ID-based travel to the EU signifies a positive step towards simplifying travel for Moldovans.  It's crucial to stay updated on the official progress and any developments regarding the agreement with the EU.


Will Moldovans be able to travel to the EU with just their ID cards starting in 2025?

While the new IDs are planned to meet EU standards and potentially allow ID-based travel by 2025, an agreement with the EU must still be accepted as sole entry documents.

What are the current requirements for Moldovans to enter the EU?

Moldovans need a valid biometric passport (valid for at least 3 months beyond their stay), proof of travel purpose, and sufficient financial means to enter the EU (excluding Ireland). They can stay visa-free for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days.

What are the advantages of the new Moldovan ID cards?

The new IDs, if accepted by the EU, would eliminate the need for a separate passport for EU travel, streamlining the process and offering greater convenience for Moldovans.

When will the new ID cards be issued in Moldova?

The Moldovan authorities aim to complete the rollout of the new ID cards by March 2025.

How will Moldovans know the official status of using the new ID cards for EU travel?

It's recommended that the Moldovan government and relevant EU authorities stay updated through official channels for the latest information and any developments regarding the agreement and its implementation.

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